SMK098 | Gerlov – Going Crazy: outtakes from rock bottom

This is the sound of what happens when real life intervenes. I’m sure the likes of TS Eliot, VS Pritchard or Virginia Woolfe would have settled for normality in their private lives and chucked the writing thang in for winning the lottery and getting some bloke to finally build a decent extension to the garage. Man, it’s the simple things.

I suspect that Gerlov feels similar. Watching his life collapse like a cream cake left out in a summer storm, he returned to doing what he has been doing for a while; writing witty pop songs with an ironic twist. But this is a step further towards artistic salvation of a sort. The wit can do one for now as he has his soul to save. Drawing on a shit ol’ time and his inner Armand Schaubroeck, Ivor Cutler and Ergo Phizmiz ALL AT ONCE, Gerlov hones his pop tricks down and whittles out some classic, howl-at-the moooon pop. The record is chock-full of bittersweet rants that verge on the hysterical. Essays in pop-bile such as ‘Lie About Yourself to Your Friends’ or ‘Another Boring Erection’ sound like they’ve been lifted from a Hilary Clinton promo DVD. Pop pared down to essentials, Going Crazy is all about message not method. Gut-wrenching confessionals given a Street Hassle sheen. This really is poptastic stuff.

SMK097 | Mo Bedick – Oatmeal

Five minutes of provincial pop that looks up long enough from the fully-stoked Bong to enchant us with its sloth and gaucheness. Drawing on a template that has been reforged by the likes of Yung Yuko, this 5 minute smooch known as ‘Oatmeal’ is akin to splashing some aftershave on before that all-important Donatello’s pizza date on the Haarlemmerstraat. Sliding guitars and a come hither vocals complete this slacker pop package. What’s not to like?

SMK096 | Smikkel’s Eurovision

Smikkelbaard loves the Eurovision. We make time in our busy schedule each year to watch the final. We drink beer and eat worstenbroodjes. During the night we make notes about the artists and discuss the outfits, musical talent and politics. To give you a little inside we offer you our 2017 notes. Enjoy!

SMK095 | Chlorine – Primary Tacts

So yeah… Three tracks all created and captured around the same time as you can probably hear. Not much to say really, I’m just really interested in the dynamics of dense, gritty sounds and how it can challenge and better this overwhelming desire to populate the world with the horrid, far-too-loud, high-production, no-dynamics music we hear everyday. ( Thats not a bio by the way!) x Graeme – aka Chlorine

SMK094 | Glitters – Niet Plakkend

Some songs will haunt you forever. Once you heard them it’s impossible to think of anything else. That’s not going to happen with this song by Glitters. It’s doesn’t stick at all it probably got some beer on it and lost all it’s sticky residue. Too bad it could have been so awesome.


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