Music by Michel
A psychedelic mix of sixties/seventies rock by Michel. Michel likes to watch and listen to old stuff. Old structures and heavy bass are things to get him excited. So except nothing less than heavy psychedelic tunes.

Sebba vs Smikkelbaard
Sebba brings us a mix of freshly baked beats. He like his beats fresh and new but also enjoy them to bounce and even biggie bouncing beats. With buddy Ron he is part of the epic disco/laser/synth duo Glareshade

Minja digs through the old&new alt. crates of tunes finds her favourites and adds some spice. While you listen to her tunes you will remember Images of the now & then.

The Evening Glow
Relax, sit back and drift away into the sunset. Read some stories about travelling and making awesome vegan dishes on the blog.

Dreaming mix of mellow tunes by Luuk. He normally likes to treat us with some raw, bouncing beats but this is something different. Something to enjoy will working, reading and waking up after you have been to his Don’t Hate the 808 parties

De Best Of
Robert picks his records during weekly sessions in dark attics of Velvet Leiden. Some of those will end up on a PeelSlowly stage and some he will keep for himself.

Crow left of the murder
Linda picks from her collection of surf/rawk/noise/alt tunes. She looks cute and sweet but just wait till you discover her raw side. Better watch out for this girl!

Ultimate Relaxation
The Ultimate Relax mix made by Linda. No worries just sit back on the couch with a glass of wine and a pack of smokes. Enjoy some time away from all the noise.

Yuri and GertJan pick some classics blues/funk/rock from their personal archive. Bass will be loud and we are talking bass produced by guitars not machines.

Stefan shakes his maracas in his tiny tiny room. A monthly instalement of the the best kippenfruit around. His only guide are the voices inside his head and maybe some influences by Marie.

Plurex;absoluut krankzinnig
Grandmaster Postpunk Wally went to his collection/memory and managed to picked a bunch of Plurex related songs. A nice collection of madness, sexyness, weird and nasty. Enjoy and take this trip through a fuzzy memory lane.

Slow& Beautiful
Wally also has a soft side a lazy Sunday afternoon where you just want to do nothing and listen to dreaming poppy tunes. It might be a small list but these epic songs go on for ever and ever and ever.

Kieff are from 071 not o-town. They claim to be the best band in the world and they might be right. First show at CAB03, second one at Paradiso. Even before the release of their demo’s. Watch these guys and listen to their inspiration.

Typical Amsterdam Girl
Ronnie is  typical amsterdam girl/lady. Seen a lot of bands and part of some awesome festivals crews. The perfect girl to ask for a list to show the female side of 80ties post-punk. Enjoy and watch out from more Ronnie!

Sometimes you just want to do some #bakkenverzetten. Nothing more nothing less. Get together with some friends and moves those “bakken” as soon as possible. Mitchel has produced a perfect playlist to help you during the proces of #bakkenverzetten. Keep up the good work and move those “bakken”!

Into the Shadows and into the Night
If there is anybody who knows about shadows turning into the Night it’s our buddy Milou. In charge of all the technical stuff at a local venue but also a trusted barperson for years at de WW.

Hey Sunshiny Day
If you listen to the playlist by Annemijn you are left wondering how she put this all together. It’s a mixture of old vs new but all guitar based. It’s nice to see Dire Straits and Cage the Elephant in one list. She liked it so much that she already send us part2.

The Social Lover – Maritino Rivardo [BAKK]
BAKK are the go-to-guys in The Hague if you wants some fresh beats. Also the ones who will educate you about some “oldies” from The Hague Dirty Electro scene. The Social Lover made a playlist where you will be able to get an impression of what to except when they will be on a stage in Leiden very soon!

Harvest songs from de Bilt
De Bilt is a town in the Netherlands near Utrecht. A population of about 45,000 people who love to talk about the weather. The even have the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute in their little town. Also they have a local band called The Fire Harvest who like to take it slow. Gerben made this list of perfect songs to harvest or discuss the weird dutch weather.

Late Night Disco
Resident dj at Velvet Leiden takes us on a little journey into his late-nite collection. A mix with disco, electro and others. Songs for an evening of dancing in your livingroom. Sipping on a glass of wine and avoiding your lazy chair.

Joeri’s Platenhoek
Mr Joeri has been around the dutch scene for years. He loves his rock with a bit of Noise sorry a lot of Noise. With this mix you will be able to snoop around in his collection and be amazed. Bands you never heard about with ridiculous names. Want some need stuff just press play!

Well Futile
Well Futile was a radioshow hosted by the awesome George Chen. We asked him to pick his favo tracks and compile a playlist for SmikkelFM. He loved the idea and gives us an little inside look into his record collection. It’s different, a little strange even but you will enjoy it.

The indiedudes from Subroutine Records challenged themselves with a special 60min mix. Songs in the Dutch language. They sure know their classics. Enjoy this 60min collection of pure dutch “krenten uit de pap”.

Our Smikkelcasts, pre-recorded talks about stuff and more stuff

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