AA Nights


AA Nights is a new series of monthly club nights in Leiden, beginning in January 2015. The nights will be based in the city’s sparkling, brand new pop temple, De Nobel and are scheduled for the last Thursday of every month. The focus will be on alternative sounds, independent local music and surprising collaborations. Oh, and the odd famous name here and there. There is no specific programme planned round the doubleAA nights; anything goes, as long as it’s of a high quality. But imagine stoner rock rubbing up against live ballet performances, strange deejay sets paired up with brilliant guitar bands and installations fighting for attention against legends in the world of punk,electro or world music.

Cheap as Chips Prices

Oh and it’s going to be as cheap a night out as we can make it. We want to make sure you get good value for your hard earned. So we will stick to a pricing policy of 7,50 euros per gig for non members and 5 euros per gig if you take out a 10 euro yearly membership with us.

You can put your name down for membership or our mailing list. Hope to see you there. And let’s get Leiden rocking.

Who did you miss during AA?

Hockey Dad, Wally, Black Tarantula, Apneu, Plus Instruments, dj LongShanks, The Social Lover, Blanka, Chlorine, The Lumes, Iguana Death Cult, The Black Cult, Glare Shade, Sauna Youth, Torii, KIEFF, The Peterlees, The Hounds, The Real Danger, Noveller, Venus Tropicaux, Capt Slow, King Ayisoba, Blue Crime, Spoelstra, Dead Neatherthals, Howl Ensamble

Be Social

We are very social people and like to keep you informed so join us on twitter and facebook now!


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