SMK115 – Francis Pronk – Myspace in 2018

Everybody knows Francis Pronk. If you have every been to any Popronde Nederland related event, #SpiceGirls show or #Flippo collectors fair you must have seen her. She is #everywhere and keeps running around like a Duracell bunny on #steroids. She made this selection of #diamonds that you should be in your next scream-a-long.

SMK114 – Phantom Tinnitus

It was a Tuesday in February 2008 show number #37 at SUB071. A Swedish band called Talking To Teapots with Martin Månsson Sjöstrand singing. I believe it was Geert of The Black Atlantic who made the suggestion. It turned into a very poppy Tuesday with the help of the girl band The Cuties.

Now 10 years later and Martin Månsson Sjöstrand is still going strong with Dog, paper, submarine! We asked him for a mixtape and he made us this one enjoy some Swedish Delights.

SMK113 – Deze Software is Shareware – Plz never Unsubscribe

Hot from the NZ-NL leyline Deze Software is Shareware’s latest release bumps and blurts and squeaks its way through a good 14 minutes of your life, inducing a pleasantly mild trance-like state if you stick with it. Don’t forget to lick your fingers after you’ve finished your crisps.

This is a meditative track: Glitchcore for dreamers, washed up on Ogyia, where they’ve just built a data processing complex disguised as a scrap yard. You can see Calypso, she’s over in the corner headbanging in the back seat of an old Megane, whilst Odysseus flicks the headlamps on and off. Bedroom rayvahs! This is the sound of your Gif addiction. Code has a beating heart, kiddos! For light relief we can turn to a sample of a preacher who tells us all about God’s grace, crucifixion and an unnamed unpardonable sin. Tuning the dial, C21st style. We’re doomed!

SMK112 | Timo Croes – Haring met Uitjes

“Een neusje voor iets hebben” that’s what they say about people who can smell a one-hit-wonder from a mile away. Others just like the smell of “Haring met Uitjes”. Timo Croes just created this made of a playlist with some “verse vangst”. Enjoy!

SMK111 – Kathi Sheasby – Not Just Boys Fun

Another tape release for all the Smikkellovers. This one is a heavy one. It’s a tape with 100! songs for all the hardcore fans out there. Not compiled by some iron pumping, no neck jock… nope, it’s by Kathi Sheasby.

You might have run into her in the moshpit while you were trying to enjoy some fancy draft beer and fixing your beard. She probably pushed or bumped into you to make sure you joined the fun or just make room. She is everywhere and will pick up that special limited run of purple vinyl by the band you never heard off till it’s too late.

So press play on this mixtape and let her teach you a lesson in must-haves. Yes, guys watch out because it’s “Not Just Boys Fun” anymore.

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