SMK122 | Bob – Vogels van de Nacht

Some people will tell you only the freaks come out at night. But we know better the night is populated with butterfly’s, owls and other birds of paradise. We like to wake up when the sun goes down and party till the first sparks of sunlight. Just like Bob we are Nightbirds!

SMK121 | Project Intonarumori- Exhibit A

The new building site known as Corpus-Oegstgeest may be looking to make a C21st Ballardian interzone-out with references to high Egyptian burial ritual. However new sounds are unearthed from this new Valley of Tombs; from young Hep Cats too, dragging in some Leiden attitude too, where sipping coffee in soft shoes is the law. Project Intonarumori’s debut brings us recordings of flutes, pots, pans and what sounds like a lot of pedal and tape hiss, heepy style. A C21st algo-drop out may be happening all around us, but here we get the sort of racket unheard since T-Dream stopped sticking contact mics on cash registers. Imagine if Red Crayola worked in the bulbs.

SMK120 | Lisa Gritter – The Future is Female, The Future is Now!

Lisa Gritter loves to write stories about her #struggles in life. She is trying to stand up straight in the fast-paced internet driven life around her. She made a female-focussed soundtrack for this life and we at Smikkelbaard are honored to have this mixtape and share it with you. Enjoy!

SMK119 – Karina – ¡A echar gallo!

Finally, we have some sunshine in the Netherlands. So we need some summer tunes. Why not spice it up with some traditional Mexican ones. Get your sombrero and maracas and enjoy the sun! Just don’t blame us if you are not able to get these songs out of your head for the next month.

SMK118 | Marlon – Poppy Copies

“Everybody is talking about POP music”. Music wizard Marlon has put together this mixtape of copies of pop tunes. So expect to be singing along with these in minutes. Songs you love ruined or improved. You decided! Also, Marlon is open for suggestions of other classics that he might have missed……

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