SMK126 | Smikkelnotes – Eurovision2018

The official Smikkelnotes made during Eurovision 2018. An annual tradition where watch the most diabolical song contest ever. We judge the dress, the fireworks, and appearance of the artists. The songs they sing are just tiny part of the overall ranking.


Yes we finally got him! Leiden’s own Chief made a special fresh air mix for Smikkelbaard. Smooth Summer Mix because the dutch summer is back again for a couple days. Go out, enjoy the sunshine and a fruity drink. Chief has just the right beats and but demands some dancing. Stay fresh and smooth and use some sunscreen!

SMK124 | Damselfy – Beneath the Rose

Damselfly, Sussex’s socio-cultural weathercock, returns to Smikkelbaard with possibly his most romantic work.

The titles are tougher and you could say the cover has a dark air to it: we’re given to think that it’s a parody of English Country Garden Cosy. Without the Fanny or the Tutti Frutti. No fox and hounds oven gloves here and England’s rose turned sooty black with foul prospect. As with many Damselfly things, we have to delve into the whole package; for one the titles are ultra-suggestive, half sentences that act as psychike grid references. And for its part the music full of riffs and hooks and intermezzo passages that act as open doors for the listener to push through.

Determined route marches like (the all-too-short) ‘Come Fallow Lands, Come Fallen Leaf’ and incredibly beautiful soundscapes like ‘Let It Flood…’ and ‘Sub Rosa’ are brooding affairs, post rave elegies that soar high as a buzzard on a current and draw on Sussex’s reputation as a county of ghosts. Now and again we get a touch of Philip Glass’s modus operandi (‘Mermaid Cafe Crow Blues’) with a rural twist. One final thing: I wonder if Damselfly and fellow Smikkelbaardier Chlorine are holding the magnetic ends of a hitherto unseen leyline between NE and SE England? Time they did, to shake this country out of its spiritual torpor.

SMK123 | Max – Tasty!

A’dam and Zwolle might have done some good things for Dutch HipHop in the past but you need to go to the Tilburg area for the really exciting current acts. We asked Max to make a tasty! a playlist of who is who and some personal favorites. So update your lists and go visit some Hall of Fame show!

SMK122 | Bob – Vogels van de Nacht

Some people will tell you only the freaks come out at night. But we know better the night is populated with butterfly’s, owls and other birds of paradise. We like to wake up when the sun goes down and party till the first sparks of sunlight. Just like Bob we are Nightbirds!

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