SMK132 | Lärmschutz – Fruits

… with extra strawberries 🙂

SMK131 | Suzanne Peeters – A Short History of Actually Being

In contrast to Suzanne Peeters’ (1990) earlier works, ‘A Short History of Actually Being’ signifies a sharp turn towards a more minimalist aesthetic, offering the listener a wide ‘range of silences’ and melodic fragmentation. Still, her auditory autograph is obviously present in all seven pieces: a focus on simple harmonic structures, musical coloring and slow rhythmic changes signify the charming world of this Belgian composer.

The seven tracks on this album are specifically written for the short-film ‘The life and times of Siddhartha Gautama’, directed by the French movie producer Philip Caron. While the film has unfortunately only been shown during Leiden’s film festival (2017), the soundtrack itself has appeared several times through public media.

Peeters currently lives and works in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands – being granted a meager financial compensation through De Bescheidenheid’s funding network.

‘A Short History of Actually Being’ has been recorded in summer, 2017 with generous financial support of De Bescheidenheid. Many thanks to Maria Afonso for conducting the piece and Bert Geelink for keeping us on the right track. The scores of this piece are kept at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag.

SMK130 | Pig Frenzy – Pig Frenzy

What on earth is this? The trapped echoes of a scream, the memory of a squat clearance now reinstalled as an art piece somewhere deep in the sewers of Rotterdam. Man, this is #memory music par excellence. Pig Frenzy – an angry young outfit from Roffa – shuffle round the most basic of chord progressions, set to “full” or “stomp” speed. Bach it ain’t, kittens. What it is is a blast, nervous, restless, full of the kind of anger generated when some Suit directly in front of you in the queue for the Smullers wall has just snaffled the last kroket. Cnut.

Nodding to Warsaw now and again as well as some kind of broken down rockabilly, the ‘Pig Frenzy’ EP crashes and bangs through its allotted 12 minutes and 9 seconds like an angry wasp stuck in a room. The tinny sound could have been recorded somewhere in Wormer back in 1982, angry punk with a veneer of Goth – a Dutch take on a Southern Death Cult bootleg maybe? Who cares, a classic howl updated for now, in all aspects.

They got a few cassettes on their Bandcamp, only limited to 50! So, get them while you still can.

Listen here:

SMK129 | Niels Terhalle vs Lärmschutz – Noise Poetry

The first of our striking collab between Faux Amis and Smikkelbaard label. They deliver the analogue tapes, we take care of the digital part.

The first of a tremendous series of avant-garde experiments on Smikkelbaard! Rarefied and sonorous blarings with plenty of loops, nobs, pedals and distortion as a welcome side dish come courtesy of sound artist and poet Niels Terhalle and “Free-improvised brass and string noise” duo, Lärmschutz. They must be driving their nice Utrecht neighbours to chew their expensively collated ethnic cushion collection with this kind of heady racket. Forty minutes of atonal freak out with trombone and frantic whisperings and mutterings for company. It’s enough to curdle your hummus. The second twenty minute slab of noise sounds like a (brilliant) long-lost offcut from the Apollo Huis. Remco Schama would be proud. So are we!

Niels Terhalle vs Lärmschutz [FA#09}: Words break a heart as easily as it mends it. Skin-texture changes and facial muscles get a workout. The poetry of Niels Terhalle is just as much an assault on the listeners physique as Lärmschutz’s noise. However, the attack of words, guitar and trombone is not just directed at the listener: Niels, Stef and Rutger also wrestle each other on this release. Sentences gets smashed against a wall of wailing guitar feedback, while the trombone tears down the same wall as a sonic sledgehammer. Words see their chance to creep trough the new frequency-hole. Niels and Lärmschutz wear each other down to the raw, bare bones of the matter remain: poetry. And noise.

Tapes available here:

SMK128 | Flower Power

When you first hear FLOWERS you wonder where is the rest of the band is hiding. Is it really just these two girls? We wanted to know more about them we asked for a mixtape. It turned out to be a hard task 🙂 But it’s ready and you should play it outside with a flower in your hair! Enjoy!

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