SMK109 | De Methode – :​/​/​GGL MK04 – Curtain

What be this? Why, my Smikkelelves, it’s another batch of off-beat, instrumental investigations from Rijnsburg’s greatest troubadour and circuit-botherer in living memory. .://GGL MK04 – Curtain is to all intents and purposes a set of late night VHS soundtracks probably birthed by an all night brainstorm in Den Haag, where our hero now lives. For there is definitely something of the existential slipperiness of Den Haag in this music. Louche fumblings, furtive suggestions, late night wanderings through lonely places; all seen through a lens that keeps going on the blink, a neon city-scape viewed through a film of old TV static.

Tracks like ‘Houses’ and ‘Trainwreck’ have a furtive feel to them, something narsty in the schuur and it’s not rotting narcissus bulbs, Squire. Fever is a sort of lofi Suuns, squiggles and glitches bubble away as we get a sn(e)aky vocal thrown in now and again. A hint of Barry Adamson’s loucheness here, and echoes of Laurel Halo cutesiness elsewhere (in ‘Insomnia’, for example). In fact the whole LP could be Tinder talking to Grindr when we humanoids aren’t looking. The beat throughout is that stentorian Art of Noise biff, but played on a kitchen appliance. It’s weirdly enjoyable. I’d imagine his bedroom needs fumigating.

Video – Electropoëzie – 80 jaar

Check out the new video for “80 jaar” by Electropoëzie. From the hitrecord “Grijs”

SMK108 | G†O†D† – Requiescat in Pace

Did you ever wonder about what GOD is listening on his/her headphones? Check out the Mixtape the made for SMIKKELBAARD!

SMK106 – PLAYROEM mixtape

We asked Amber / Amy / Anna / Auke-Florian / Benjamin / Daniel / Hannah / Isabelle / Joosje / Karl / Laura / Lisa / Lizzy / Lotus / Maria / Nichon / Quirine to do a Smikkelbaard Mixtape.

Why? because they claim to be they hot-new-thing in town. “Smaakmakers” of the New Leiden Creative Revolution. Ready to scare/ impress / amaze and even piss you off a little bit. Together they call themselves ROEM ( and you will and should hear a lot more of them.

…. At least till they become old and boring and bitter themselves 🙂

Enjoy “The Sound of Young Leiden

SMK103 – Damselfy – Tasting the Battleground

More ambient electro glory from Albion courtesy of Damselfly, astride and hanging most righteously over the South Downs, sucking up their essence (and Genesis P Orridge’s footprints from 20 Jazz Funk Greats) and blowing them over the channel for us to enjoy. We get snatches of ritual ancient and modern in this release, brooding Get Carterisms and sharp, dry Goth-style route marches through sound dovetailing with gossamer snatches that could have been played at Thomas Hardy’s wedding. Yet more proof that there are many, many more inner visions of England than people are aware of; from the blue murderous (the one rammed down everyone’s throats) to the transformative, as heard here.

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