SMK091 | PostPunkPlaylist by Leonor Faber-Jonker

Yes Post-RSD we are going to release some stuff. Not limited, nothing analog, no firstinline. Just digital post-punk bits.

First one is a re-issue of an awesome playlist by Leonor Amelie Faber-Jonker. She compiled this list during the Plurex release madness we did last year. The playlist was on #Smikkelfm but you might missed it. So here it is in all his youtube glory 🙂

Enjoy! Listen to the playlist

full songlist here >>>

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Did you see our latest vlg? We made it last week after the Webster got Talent show.

AA – Repetitor at WW

LEIDEN are you ready?? Repetitor have a history with this city and it’s not over yet. Remember the gig in SUB071 where Boris broke his pedals and kicked them mercilessly them through the dust and fag ends and beer on the floor of the greatest rock and roll bikeshed in the world? Or the brilliant night in Multiplex in 2014, when they blew the roof off the much-missed old venue, and scared an army of academic lawyers into re-examining their life-choices? Well, a third chapter in the already legendary association this Belgrade band have with the stad van vluchtelingen is about to be written. Do not miss this.

AA in the WW.

A Spiritual Marriage,

Of Like-minded Souls,

In Unholy, Unsteady Union,*

Presided over by the High Priests of the Church of Rock…


Repetitor is a garage rock/post-punk trio from Belgrade, Serbia. They are, without doubt, one of the most exciting live bands in Europe.

“They make you fall in love with guitar rock all over again and are arguably the best guitar band on the planet right now. They are the 21st Century Nirvana who have come to save rock.” (John Robb, Louderthanwar)



SMK090 – Sylvia – Sylvia EP

Oddfish what’s this? Wit? Compassion? Intelligence? An ability to fillet out the essentials and present them on a silver salver? We foppish continentals thought that Poundland had sunk under the weight of N.F. esquire’s bottom and had found itself enchained in a subterranean world run by Paul Merson clones; where banjo music from insurance adverts is piped into the ether at the first signs of trouble. Luckily, it seems, there are cracks where the light gets in. A four track EP, thus, chronicling daily life in a humdrum town in the North West. On mouth, one of Ray Davis’s Two Sisters giving the Muswell Hillbilly his comeuppance and fare home with four extracts of Real Life. No whimsical, soap-bubble psychedelia here. And lo! Someone finally calling out the issue of calling out musicians from the glum, tracksuited battalions of the Madchester Regiment. Sing Hosanna! Wobbly suburban electronic grumbling accompanies the diction, invading your space like an old maid with her flask at a Lancashire League match. Deliah’s teamed up with Daphne; softness and and white noise cominatcha, albeit on a casio. And, oh yeah. That bird noise on Skellington has come back for an encore. It’s been warbling outside of your bedsit for the last 25 years, reminding you that time isn’t after us. Didn’t you notice?

SMK 087 – Vasko Atanasoski – Proba

If you ever need anything fixed, arranged or something involving the Balkan you will end up talking to this guy, Vasko. If you are going to meet him bring some food and beers because you might be there for awhile.

He has lots of stories to tell and will not stop till you heard them all 🙂

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