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SMK166 | Gerlov – Everything Has Changed


Who needs drugs when you have kids? Everything in Gerlov’s life has changed and he’s going to let us know all about it. On his new EP we’re listening in on the many internal monologues he must have had over the past few years. The stress of hospital waiting rooms, insecurities about adapting to a new life, nostalgic dreams of a past life, and mastering the art of counting to ten before exploding—the stories told in these songs are taken from a life that is far removed from the person who wrote records like The Boy Screamed Wolf and Going Crazy: Outtakes from Rock Bottom. But has everything really changed? Of course not! It wouldn’t be a Gerlov record if these stories weren’t shaped like catchy pop tunes, with references to the hip psychedelic rock of The Flaming Lips or the Brian Jonestown Massacre and hints of doo-wop. And this wouldn’t be a Gerlov record if his stories weren’t drenched in a good sense of irony. In his typical deadpan voice, Gerlov narrates the estrangement of the mundane. Something that is only exacerbated by the psychedelic fuzz and electronic washes that are generously added to a very danceable beat. If this is what happens when Gerlov turns to face the strange changes, then bring it on!

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