Tapes From the Smikkel

We’ve collated all our Spotifry playlistythingles into one gargantuan spray-painted whole. We found some tapes at the local Kringloop, and we painted them. Then, we downloaded (by the force of sheer magic) our playlists from everyone’s favourite pay-the-artist-000.0002-stream, onto magnetic tape. Totally useless and equally ace, and it could be yours, like a beer mat in your pocket with a mobile number scribbled on that you will never ever ring. “Tapes from the Smikkel”. Sounds like Like Tales of the Unexpected, eh? And just as creepily self-indulgent.


SMKTP1813 | Flowers – Flower Power
SMKTP1812 | Max de Beijer – Tasty!
SMKTP1811 | Bob Verhagen – Vogels van de Nacht!
SMKTP1810 | Lisa Gritter – The Future is Female, The Future is Now!
SMKTP1809 | Karina – ¡A echar gallo!
SMKTP1808 | Marlon – Poppy Copies
SMKTP1807 | Het Enigma van Hattum – SI 071 REQVIRES, CIRCVMSPICE
SMKTP1806 | Francis Pronk – Myspace in 2018
SMKTP1805 | Martin Månsson Sjöstrand – Phantom Tinnitus
SMKTP1804 | Timo Croes – Haring met Uitjes
SMKTP1803 | Kathy Sheasby – Not Just Boys Fun
SMKTP1802 | G†O†D† – Requiescat in Pace
SMKTP1701 | Old Seed – Women on Stage
SMKTP1616 | Annemijn van Vliet – Dubbelfrisss
SMKTP1615 | The Evening Glow
SMKTP1613 | KIEFF, Beste Mixtape Allertijden
SMKTP1612 | SmithsFoodGroup
SMKTP1611 | Robin Stroop – Een atypische verhouding
SMKTP1610 | Hockey Dad
SMKTP1609 | Milou Laan – Into the Shadows, into the Night
SMKTP1608 | Wally van Middeldorp – Slow and Beautiful
SMKTP1607 | Mitchell Quitz – #bakkenverzetten
SMKTP1606 | Ronnie Kroes – Typical Amsterdam Girl
SMKTP1605 | Gert-Jan Gutman – Smaakkelbird.
SMKTP1604 | Plurex – Absoluut krankzinnig
SMKTP1603 | Mark Siera – Late Night Disco
SMKTP1602 | MMM2
SMKTP1601 | Harvest Songs from The Bilt

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