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SMK165 | Chlorine – Old Haunts


Big thanks to the neighbours for taking their dog out for a very quick walk on Friday afternoon for 10 mins, thus meaning i could get a random off the cuff 10 min recording done.

The sounds here are all taken from that 10 minute rushed recording.

I then wondered if i could compose. produce and mix an album in 4 days. This the rushed results.

Hope you get something from them.

While deep into the sequencing i was thinking long and hard about emcees and who’s delivery and feel would be a nice fit for some of the tracks. I couldn’t stop thinking about MF DOOM or Sensational rhyming over certain beats and the like…Ha! I was gutted to hear the news about MF DOOM.

I dedicate this record to the best there ever was… Rest In Power METAL FACE DOOM. x

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