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SMK158 | Darren J.Holloway – Salt Heart


Darren Holloway, aka SINNEN aka Damselfly returns, this time as himself; though given the shifting, amorphous nature of this release you have to wonder what he is actually revealing.

Holloway casts a musical net which captures elements of Silver Pyre, John T Gast, DC Pierre or Coil’s more zoned-out moments.

The music has an ambilvalent quality all of its own though; a brilliant aural nothingness that resembles walking through a fog. The vocals act as silhouettes, marsh lights to give you an indication of a horizon or something to aim at. Given tracks like ‘The Ebb’ and ‘Saltheart’ – maybe this is also a preconfiguring of digital-industrial music; that post-post everything sound reshaped for a new age of plough and scythe. They always did say the Fourth World War would be fought with sticks and stones…

The title of the opening track, ‘The Dreamer’s Haze’, is a good marker for the listening experience as a whole; waves of atonal noise create in interzone that is as neutral or as threatening as you want to make it. There is drama, somewhere. Situationist music for no situation at all? Very possibly.

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