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SMK011 | Chris Dawson & Dorian Cox – Post Industrial Football


The post-industrial world is one where working class culture has, to a large extent, been eradicated. In its place is the lie-dream of the x-factor talent show where ‘normal’ people can become huge stars. And football. But football does not have the place it one did: it is now an offshoot of the entertainment industry and, to a large extent, of the fashion industry (shirt sales drive player purchases). It has become a spectacle, in the Debordian sense, divorced almost entirely from its roots and from its connection with the local area and people. Post post industrial football will be a world where the youth of tomorrow turn their backs on the circus football has become and instead create their own leagues, their own myths, and their own culture. The imperative is to avoid the ‘pyramid’ structure of most leagues whereby there are always winners and losers.

Chris’s talk – with a soundtrack by former Long Blondes guitarist and leader of Unmade Bed, Dorian Cox, is currently being shown at TETEM, Enschede as part of the exhibition, “If The Kids Are United, an Exploration into Post-Post-Industrial Football”, curated by pop-culture journalist and uomo universalis,Theo Ploeg

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