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SMK051 | B and T + Instruments [Plurex011]


What the bloody heck is this? The sound of the FUTURE that’s what. The Plurex debut of the wonderful + Instruments and Truus de Groot. This sounds out of time and ahead of its time all at once, and could only come from a working class town built on technology and elbow grease: Eindhoven. Simultaneously digging Paul Panhuysen and bubblegum pop, Truus de Groot’s vision, when welded onto the dour lads from Plus Instruments/Nasmaak [sic] produced incredible results. The lead track “Special Agreement” could be an advert for a new light bulb, it’s that way out. And “Sweet Bananas” and “Words” are more out there and FAR less pretentious and academic than Ruth White. And encased in thee cutest sleeve imaginable. You can see how far we’ve regressed in this Facebook age. How de Groot’s work gets overlooked when Heads like Cosi Fanni Tutti & Delia Derbyshire get (rightfully) praised is a mystery.

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