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SMK049 | Interior [plurex007]


ART SCHOOL ALERT! Interior’s Peter Klashort once so baffled English music journalist Andy Gill with his wit and repartee that he got the colours of the Dutch flag wrong in his review on the nascent Dutch post-punk scene in Sounds. Luckily, Interior’s music isn’t as difficult to comprehend after all these years. “Bizarre Disco” is a moody strut, not too far away from the Teardrop Explodes’ “Sleeping Gas” (but even more stripped down and tinny). The three other tracks, Jaws”, “1-Wav” and “2-Wav” are scratchy post-punk instrumentals par excellence. It could be documenting anywhere the Bury New Road and the Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam. You can imagine Dr Rat carving this kind of sound out with his buck knife. Interior went on to bigger things with Soviet Sex, and Peter Klashorst ended up going back to painting and making his name with similarly bravura displays on canvas.

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