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SMK063 | Jan van Grond Groep [plurex017]


Proof positive that Plurex was an all-embracing label, caring not for flights of fashion. Plurex 017 saw Amsterdam troubadours Jan van de Grond Groep bash out a bracing Dutch-language folk rock single with the odd New Wave or rockist flourish; a sound that predates Camper Van Beethoven’s fiddle-driven whimsy by a year or two (and somehow taps into the kind of groove Amsterdam’s Hospital Bombers explored nearly 30 years later). Rockin’ in je moerstaal inderdaad. The single has nothing to do with Ultra, or drum machines or even that Humphrey Bogart look all those young Mazzo-goers sported. Sadly the single masters were in a sorry state of disrepair so you hear the crackles and splutters of that original vinyl sound, maybe a last gobbets of physicality spat back at us from our Smikkelbaard 80s wormhole. Oh yeah, their track Jukebox also stood on the Uitholling Overdwars compilation, a typically well-meaning release highlighting great and shit and totally misguided sounds from the Netherlands of the doomdenken period. There’s a contact number too, 020-769280. I don’t think they’ll pick up the phone.

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