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SMK052 | Paul Tornado – Pissig [plurex012]


A brilliant, spiky release redolent of riots, ME vans, Van der Heijden novels and just being plain pissed off with the state of things. We get a bristling collection of quirky, grumpy stories, the (fashionable?) use of German here and there) set to short, sharp, musical shocks. There’s even a bit of Dutch pub rock swing too (Kijk Uit Voor De Deejay). Still, it’s good to hear 3fm getting in the neck even back then. The single, “Van Agt Casanova” is Tornados’s best known track (brought out on the totally fab and equally ace 1000 Idioten label) but this Plurex release nails his repertoire pretty well. The rockin’ sounds of Niek Hilkmann, Bert Scholten and even the dreaded Gul Night Out all have something of what Tornado laid down back in the late 70s.

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