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SMK055 | Minny Pops – Live [plurex016]


Synthesized darkness, doom-humour-mongering (in a J.G. Ballard style), gyrations that no-one understands and electronic clanks for a new way of living. It can only be Minny Pops. Three tracks taken from a prime time Factory Pop(s) band (Gedditt!?!?!?). Mental, Night Out and Dolphin’s Spurt recorded live at Lorre Delft (7/5/1980) in front of a gezellig crowd. You can even hear the clink of a coffee cup now and then. The band stand between the two mind-maps: behind them the metallic cliffs and crevices of the debut, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, before them the icy dark waters of Sparks In A Dark Room. We hear a bit of both in this gig. This nieuwe/neu/new electro-Brutalism comes in a white sleeve with a stamped title: “Minny Pops / Live”. No more information needed. Oh what confidence in sound our forebears had! A new ideal of listening in a pre-post industrial society. Back then you had to use your imagination, fancy that.

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