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SMK151 | Kalaallit Nunaat – Television


Kalaallit Nunaat remind us that three strikes is all it takes.

Three tracks, called ‘Nothing’, ‘Again’ and ‘Television’, all hop along at a fair lick, sounding like they’ve been stung by a wasp. Everything is simply soldered, loud, angry, and revelling in a certain discordance despite those pesky melodies, which just can’t keep away. The last track Television is a great pop song disguised as a rant. So, what’s the verdict, doc? Loud? Check. Discontented? Check. Anti-party music? Maybe, but probably not. Does it all come on a bit like Big Black’s mighty ‘Kerosene’? Why, yes, it does. At one point one of these young shavers yells, “And I feel like I’m going in circles again.” So does granddad here, but he quite digs that.

released March 1, 2020

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