SMK133 – Tim Chase – Riddles, Pictures and Lies

SMK133 – Tim Chase – Riddles, Pictures and Lies

We all met Tim Chase during Leiden’s heydays of songwriting- or at least: that’s how we felt. Back then, just a couple years after the turn of the century, the cool kids in Leiden did stuff. They set up labels, became poets and hosted seven Bob Corn shows a year. We were the internationals; the eyes that witnessed history; the enemies of the bourgeoisie. We had an open mic at Hunky Dory, some of us won prizes though most of us just celebrated our losses.

I remember when O.J. Caarls first gave me a copy of Nescio’s Titaantjes. I read it, practiced the dharma and hung out with the cool kids again. We promised we would one day change everything, do what all the others before of us never did. I remember – it must have been when I just turned twenty – thinking I had cancer or something bad, for my whole body was covered with bulbs. I remember being scared of not finishing my first album, so I couldn’t permit myself to visit the doctor. We did not have the time to cure whatever was inside of our broken bodies.
So a couple months after my debut album’s release I went to see the doctor, and it turned out the bulbs were just accumulated fat from eating too many Big Macs. So it goes.

Tim Chase definitely witnessed the construction and deconstruction of my debut album ‘Ten Feet of Wind’ (I still don’t know exactly why I took that title and I probably never will) and might be one of the people I’ve most openly discussed its raison d’etre with. As such, this EP is like a very brief dialogue between Tim Chase’s almost historic performance of the song Riddles Pictures & Lies and his personal song Twirl – an introspective take on grand millennial themes, sung in Chase’s characteristic, Youngesque voice.

After releasing this year’s masterful ‘In Between the Lines’, Tim Chase continues his outburst of work with these two pieces of music. I can’t help but melancholically daydream about listening to Tim Chase back in the Hunky Dory days, shredding Dinosaur Jr. on his acoustic guitar, popping his genuine lyrics and melodies that seem to change every time we heard them. Tim Chase reminds us of the truths found in simple timbral qualities of the voice. It’s fair, rough and full of life.

Having Tim Chase perform one of my songs is an honor, but the greatest honor lies in having him as a friend and inspiration. To listen to Twirl, is like breathing in; taking a bath after a long run. May you continue writing the most beautiful of songs and ring them every once in a while.

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