Review – Chlorine – Oban

Review – Chlorine – Oban

The first thing any person with working eyes will notice when visiting Chlorine’s Oban is the front cover artwork. It’s the kind of material you could come across in a gallery, or perhaps a modern art museum. The artwork that reveals so little and at the same time so much, the picture that will leave teachers and students stroking their chins like they are examining the structure of self grown imaginary goatees.

When everyone is exhausted from the chin stroking it is of course the music that is on the rest of the adventurer’s agenda. ’24 hour love thing’ is the first thing you should hear if you follow the official running order. It’s a track that feels 24 hours long, which is quite amazing as the material is just a little but longer then 8 minutes. It must be a case of music being so good that time simply stands still, or loses a bit of it’s very own meaning. The actual ‘love thing’ is fairly minimal; something that comes across as a cloud of a few tones. These tones are pretty sweet, nicely shaped and perhaps great material for lovers, loved ones, and romantic episodes among people engaging in romances.

Puddle Dress seems to be more varied in its tones; a dreamy setting that makes me think of a old wooden bedroom with a spinning wheel, some long dressed figure attempting to fix a broken ballroom dress, and another one playing some kind of organ to give the room a juicy atmosphere. The last but not unimportant title track is ‘Oban’. Oban is just like the cover artwork would suggest; material to stroke your chin with and look intellectually confident. The music is like a shadow, a void, an abstract drone, a naked body pressed against the glass screen of a shower cabin, someone who’s body mass gets heavy and bigger until the process is reversed. It doesnt make much sense, but hey this is art! Let’s stroke our chin some more and look at it with a look of understanding & total apprecation.

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