AA February

AA February

Thursday February 26th sees the second edition of AA at Gebr. de Nobel.

A MIGHTY meeting of the Batavian Tribes of the East and West; sealing their bonds with meats on the bone and grave goods craftted from many metals.

Behold: Howl Ensemble and Dead Neanderthals. Expect noise, fiery furnaces of noise, noise with your breakfast, dinner and tea, and maybe poured all over your fish supper. A double bill that spews forth metallic blurts, blasts of math gak, shards of molten jazz. A double bill that can only be withstood whilst wearing Doctor Martens boots.This is the noise Mein Herr Krupps heard in his head all those years ago.

Deejay Francesco will annoy you all even more with his calypso and chaa’bi cocktails. No ice.

Frothy international press on Dead Neanderthals:

“If you’re into heavy duos, this is unmissable.” (Pitchfork)

“Dutch heavy jazz brutes and thoroughly affable gents.” (Quietus)

Frothy press on Howl Ensemble:

“A rumbustious record, full of fizzing post rock structures.” (Incendiary Magazine)

“A dynamic band, they play delicate, layered passages as well as LOUD and dissonant outburst that can evolve into intense soundscapes.” (Musketeer of Death)


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