doubleAA 01/12 – TheHomesick, Howart, Sven Agaath, WigWam and SmikkelDeejays

doubleAA 01/12 – TheHomesick, Howart, Sven Agaath, WigWam and SmikkelDeejays

We have a ridiculously over-ambitious night lined up for Thursday Jan 29th 2015. Normally we will put on 2 underground bands and a deejay, but seeing as we’re starting off, we’re going to be daft and stick 4 acts on. And an Incendiary/Smikklebaard deejay. (OK, a superannuated deejay who keeps playing obscure Krautrock).

So who’s playing? Well….


We have The Homesick – hot, sarcastic pop imps from a part of the Netherlands where they still think Hilversum is a brand of bike! Who’d ha’ thunk it?

We also have the MIGHTY power grunge of Sven Agaath from well-heeled Utrecht; though they promise they’ll only bring their Guided-by-Grunge racket and no olives, or weird Italian bread.

We also have Howart – an audio-visual performance of some ingenuity and taste. Watch a drawing unfold! And, (here’s the twist), listen to music at the same time! Does your brain hurt yet!?

Finally we will BLAST your ASP with WigWam, who fuse the MIGHTY noise of the Julie Mittens and Droppings in one sonic Soviet of scorched earth! Howl at the moon! and

So: in essence, it’s like going to the pub for a half, only to find it’s an extended happy hour on the top row, and free nuts thrown in. Bingo!

doubleaa-flyer doubleaa-flyer

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