SMK123 | Max – Tasty!

A’dam and Zwolle might have done some good things for Dutch HipHop in the past but you need to go to the Tilburg area for the really exciting current acts. We asked Max to make a tasty! a playlist of who is who and some personal favorites. So update your lists and go visit some Hall of Fame show!

SMK122 | Bob – Vogels van de Nacht

Some people will tell you only the freaks come out at night. But we know better the night is populated with butterfly’s, owls and other birds of paradise. We like to wake up when the sun goes down and party till the first sparks of sunlight. Just like Bob we are Nightbirds!

SMK102 – Charlie and the Lesbians – Lost Boy EP

It’s time for more pink on your turntable. It’s time for Charlie and the Lesbians!

Last Saturday the album was released as a combination release between Smikkelbaard and Monomentum Collective. The lovely bunch from Eindhoven kicked ass in the new basement of Sociale Dienst. With support from Moar and Those Foreign Kids.

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