SMK103 – Damselfy – Tasting the Battleground

More ambient electro glory from Albion courtesy of Damselfly, astride and hanging most righteously over the South Downs, sucking up their essence (and Genesis P Orridge’s footprints from 20 Jazz Funk Greats) and blowing them over the channel for us to enjoy. We get snatches of ritual ancient and modern in this release, brooding Get Carterisms and sharp, dry Goth-style route marches through sound dovetailing with gossamer snatches that could have been played at Thomas Hardy’s wedding. Yet more proof that there are many, many more inner visions of England than people are aware of; from the blue murderous (the one rammed down everyone’s throats) to the transformative, as heard here.

SMK095 | Chlorine – Primary Tacts

So yeah… Three tracks all created and captured around the same time as you can probably hear. Not much to say really, I’m just really interested in the dynamics of dense, gritty sounds and how it can challenge and better this overwhelming desire to populate the world with the horrid, far-too-loud, high-production, no-dynamics music we hear everyday. ( Thats not a bio by the way!) x Graeme – aka Chlorine

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