THE ENIGMA VAN HATTUM is something that is not easy to understand. Some say he is just a block of pure BLACK EVIL. Other people associate him with hugs, cats and rainbows. For Smikkelbaard he made this list that with make you want to crawl under a blanket with a cup of organic vegan BLACK tea.

SMK115 – Francis Pronk – Myspace in 2018

Everybody knows Francis Pronk. If you have every been to any Popronde Nederland related event, #SpiceGirls show or #Flippo collectors fair you must have seen her. She is #everywhere and keeps running around like a Duracell bunny on #steroids. She made this selection of #diamonds that you should be in your next scream-a-long.

SMK114 – Phantom Tinnitus

It was a Tuesday in February 2008 show number #37 at SUB071. A Swedish band called Talking To Teapots with Martin Månsson Sjöstrand singing. I believe it was Geert of The Black Atlantic who made the suggestion. It turned into a very poppy Tuesday with the help of the girl band The Cuties.

Now 10 years later and Martin Månsson Sjöstrand is still going strong with Dog, paper, submarine! We asked him for a mixtape and he made us this one enjoy some Swedish Delights.

SMK112 | Timo Croes – Haring met Uitjes

“Een neusje voor iets hebben” that’s what they say about people who can smell a one-hit-wonder from a mile away. Others just like the smell of “Haring met Uitjes”. Timo Croes just created this made of a playlist with some “verse vangst”. Enjoy!

SMK106 – PLAYROEM mixtape

We asked Amber / Amy / Anna / Auke-Florian / Benjamin / Daniel / Hannah / Isabelle / Joosje / Karl / Laura / Lisa / Lizzy / Lotus / Maria / Nichon / Quirine to do a Smikkelbaard Mixtape.

Why? because they claim to be they hot-new-thing in town. “Smaakmakers” of the New Leiden Creative Revolution. Ready to scare/ impress / amaze and even piss you off a little bit. Together they call themselves ROEM ( and you will and should hear a lot more of them.

…. At least till they become old and boring and bitter themselves 🙂

Enjoy “The Sound of Young Leiden

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