Sticker it to the man

Peanuts, beer and de WW | SMKVLG023

Talking some SmikkelStuff with Richard. About the art of eating peanuts, roadtrip to Hull and reaching 100. Always the question of life and how to forget stuff very easy.

Papercut Anarchy at the UBIK | SMKVLG022

The smell of glue and the noise of the Fall will make 3 people go crazy and start cutting up pieces of paper. Papercut Anarchy!

Check out the results at Hold on Paper

SMKVLG021 | Massive PostPunk Treasure found

Richard did some digging and found hidden treasure. A trashbag full of postpunk stuff. All the way from Effenaar from the 80ties.

SMKVLG020 – Happy 5 SmikkelYears

Last Friday we turned 5 but we forgot about it. Thanks to facebook I got a reminder and we decided to celebrate this happy moment at VoorAfenToe with some coffee and cakes.

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