Hot from the NZ-NL leyline Deze Software is Shareware’s latest release bumps and blurts and squeaks its way through a good 14 minutes of your life, inducing a pleasantly mild trance-like state if you stick with it. Don’t forget to lick your fingers after you’ve finished your crisps.

This is a meditative track: Glitchcore for dreamers, washed up on Ogyia, where they’ve just built a data processing complex disguised as a scrap yard. You can see Calypso, she’s over in the corner headbanging in the back seat of an old Megane, whilst Odysseus flicks the headlamps on and off. Bedroom rayvahs! This is the sound of your Gif addiction. Code has a beating heart, kiddos! For light relief we can turn to a sample of a preacher who tells us all about God’s grace, crucifixion and an unnamed unpardonable sin. Tuning the dial, C21st style. We’re doomed!

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