SMK110 | Chlorine – The Wanting Seed

SMK110 - Chlorine - The Wanting Seed

SMK110 | Chlorine – The Wanting Seed

Avance Romance! Chlorine may come from a place where grown men shit on football seats but this latest offering is high romance and beauty and magnificence writ large. Fuckers, if William Langland was alive today he’d be composing his rhymes to this on his Walkman. ‘Telt’ glides through the nineteenth century on a swan’s back; it really is the lost cousin of side two of Low. And the title track is as good if not better as Peter Gabriel’s Last Temptation of Chris [sic], a Toulouse Lowtraxtastic shuffle that goes on for about 3 weeks. There are some primetime investigations into the art of getting out of your bonce, too; quiet raving at the tea rooms man, easy on the jazz and high on the Head shops is what ‘My Jealous Levels’ is all about. ‘DoubleDropp’ is a memory of a rave in 90’s NL whilst ‘Pubclique’ got left behind in the tap room after Studio G closed down. And ‘Puddledress’ channels Moebius & Plank through the Wifi in Greggs. Inspiring stuff. Does this lad release anything but classics?

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