It’s SCMB! And some songs about cars! Ye Ancient Low-Landing Lords of the Mung-Bass Fuzz, ride HIGH and HANDSOME into our view, on a tank full of Fernandez Green and the last scrapings from Lonneke Jonker’s Multiplex kitchen! It’s a good 25 years since these Leidse Sturm-und-Drang Trippers made their first cassette (which, back, then, were readily available in a Febo slot, just north east of the kaas souffles). And – stel maar – nothing’s changed! Still sounding like some Temazied-up loon revving his Opel Kadett in a garage off the Haalermerweg, SCMB bring joy and hope to all those who thought that new shop-building bullshit meant the end of Leiden as a Major Cultural Resource.

Oh yeah, is that really a cover of Ash’s Girl from Mars?

Dig, Morons!

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