SMK#005 – Viktor and Paul do Will

SMK#005 – Viktor and Paul do Will

SMK#005 – Viktor and Paul do Will

Not something you’d expect, but then, no-one here in the arse-end of nowhere that is Smikkelbaard wants that. No,we want something different in the warp and weft of rock,and that is what we get when Dutch considerations over space, colour and time somehow collide with Lancashire Psyche and Groove in the shape of this poster.

Fully endorsed in a roundabout way by the greatest guitarist of his generation, (“looks cool, what’s it for?”), and in a limited edition print of 30, (starting from number 6 and ending, forever with number 35)* we bring you this homage to Will Sergeant by two of Holland’s best underground artists, Paul Overdijk and Viktor Hachmang. Both spend far too long looking at Burra, Hermes and Bubbles and listening to Pebbles and Can to bother about much else. But they relented to our pleas, and left their provincial hobbit holes to collaborate on this design, all the while invoking that solo in My Kingdom and watching old Reel to Reels of Eno-era Roxy. Brian even sneaks into the pic… don’t sue us!

20 euros a pop, plus p&p. Signed by both artists. On very nice, very thick print paper, and about the size of a 12″ record, so perfect to slip inside of Porcupine.

All proceeds go to making barely listenable trophy vinyl for Smikkelbaard artistes.

(*The first five got snaffled and are now being cared for in good homes).

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