SMK#003 – De Zieke Ridders – OK EP

“Two autistic gentlemen with colander” is how the band describe themselves… The provenance of the colander can be attested by this scribe, the drummer (Gijs, moonlighting from heady surf outfit, The Black Tarantulas) wears it on his head at gigs. The other autistic gent is Viktor Hachmang, better known for his wild and outrageously groovy artwork that’s currently setting hearts a-flutter across Bohemian NL. Together the duo make a primitive Swell Maps-style mess – entertaining and incredibly primitive – just think if Stravinsky got wind of punk in 1912… Their tour de force, luckily NOT included here, is a cover of Miss Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” – a reinterpretation so advanced and free of all worldly cares that it takes some imagination to work out what the song being sung actually is.

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