“The world is dying from day one”
YesPinkPink is based in Den Haag. His mission is to perform. And music – hard outrageous, gutsy, glamorous music – is the midwife. Den Haag is a strange city; one with a sedate provincial aspect that can pin the brightest butterfly on its wheel forever, but one that is a street corner away from a good kicking. YesPinkPink confronts both with his music and video work.
Taking in his work, any of it, whether live or recorded, is some ride. A juxtaposition of his inner Wyrd, and an audio-visual car crash of what YesPinkPink sees as his “annoying opposites”, both sound and vision are smeared on your consciousness like chocolate pasta on the cheapest white bread. Digesting it gives a similar sugar rush and dirty comedown, a seedy aftertaste tinged with a regret. Did we just go along with that? And why did we like it?
This new EP, Bl00d on da Fl00r, continues the pattern and then some. A dazzling scally vision of Vogue. A sample-sound that emits glass bead finery and street smarts. A vision that spits out a determination not to go under, not to join the no-marks who repeat everything they’ve heard. Raging at the dying of the light with a drum pattern.
In his own words (and using his own spelling) “Ultimately the eP is not so much about the tragic but making it into a magic, cause u know it will be tragic otherwise.” Nuff said.
I also think all press needs to be collated. So to begin with…

“Het moge duidelijk zijn dat we hier niet te maken hebben met iemand uit de categorie standaard. ” (Vice)
“YPP plays on the edges of the electronic freak zone with some vim.” (Incendiary)

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