SMK141 | Chlorine – Posture

More off-the-cuff wildness from Chlorine! This time Sunderland’s saviour constructs tracks of a headspace the size of Blyth Power Station. Has, for example, ‘Moon Bullits’ ever set foot on earth or is it a massive gasbag floating off in search of Saint Cuddy? And can ‘Tan Lines’ ever get security clearance? We may never know. Somehow the disparate shards of noise in tracks like ‘There Is Nothing Left To Love’ and ‘(I Can Get No) Validation’ wed over the smith’s anvil. This is music made by one who is trying hard to make sense of being the only weirdo in Nandos. Farenshite 4-5-1 with no second striker. Large

SMK141 - Chlorine - Posture

SMK141 | December 28, 2018

“It’s like a mixture that makes you think of Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s quote ‘music or sound?’ It’s something nicely balancing in the neat muddled middle.”


“Its a kinda oldish release made from cassette manipulation, samples and acoustic instruments which have been destroyed”

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