SMK138 | Motosolo – I had a contractor come and sealcoat my driveway

SCMB and trumpet, what could be more grating to the ears of the bakfietsmoeders? Put some citroen in that hot chocolate and drink it down! We get three mammoth excursions straight outta Leiden; each with a righteous headspace that stretches maybe as far as Volgelzang… Contractor and Sealcoat are bastards, Caliban-like takes on ‘Church of Anthrax’ whilst the live track Driveway comes on like a never ending squat party, floating in a small grafitti’d schuur, floating precisely 3 metres above ground level. Oh yes. I miss that the Netherlands, the genial, free-form one, the one that MADE you wash up your lentil encrusted plate in grimy cold water under a picture of Marinus van der Lubbe. The one that only dreamt of “stempling up” your strippenkaart with no irritating spaces left over. But we have this release as a sign of future-past. Hang in there, Real Heads..

Motosolo - I had a contractor come and sealcoat my driveway

SMK138 | November 15, 2018

“The contractor finds the nearest tiniest problem and turns it into a elephant, climbs on its back and together they form a circus act that would make many eyes roll.”


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