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SMK156 | Sjoerd Fransman – The Next Troy Bolton


O-Town is blooming, musically. With even richer fayre than the overpriced clothes and flower shoppes (but the weekmenu afhalen at the great Nieuwe Wereld Chinese is still worth it, COVID-comadres). Musically we’ve been royally entertained this past twelvemonth, with Bob Pollard-style rants, piano romance, geetar blitzes and soul-boy expostulations. All these have set the seal for a weird sub-scene of Talent going mad behind the well-kept gardens of the Biggest Village in NL.

Now we have something that sounds like a backwoods Deejay Krush. Pots-and-pans music profiles characters that have escaped out of an X-Box: soul junk found in the discarded wrappers of totally ethical Maccy Dee take outs. Non-beats drag sitcoms out of the 1950s and make them squirm in the new digital world. There’s a rave under your bed that, like the cat that’s shat a big one in your pyjamas and is laying low, isn’t coming out. It’s confusing but gloriously so. Like Gong’s Daevid Allen once said, life’s too serious to be taken seriously.

released May 2, 2020

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