Some years ago in a world filled with peace & love the guys/girls from KingKongKlub already talked about their issues in life. Jazz, netwerkborrel and Saturday-nights at Hoogvliet (Rotterdam area). The record called “JA!” never really got the attention it needed and because of that it didn’t turned into the classic it should have been.

King Kong Klub

So we decided to help them a bit. We got the audio/artwork and the waiting for a “go” started. This took forever so we decided to just release it and tag them on facebook.

“Ja! Ja! Ja! Are these two pups taking the piss out of revered Deutsche supermarket Rewe?? The cheek. In any case, the cover isspuitbussed directly in – Deutsche-Nepal/Neu!-style – to your living room. The opener might as well be an intro to a kids’ TV programme. The rest of the music is in the style of THEEEE most basic Berlin woonkamer electro. Netwerkborrel nicks the riff from Pat the Trip Dispenser and makes a “sort” of (terrible) glam electro track from it; one that somehow makes you want to play it loud, just to check how bad it is. Why the singer wants to talk about cheese blocks and bitterballen is anyone’s guess. But wait; I forgot! Silly me, it’s ironic comment on networking. The rest of the tracks are comments about jazz, greasers, and being bored on a Saturday over the same ground-down zZz sound. It’s pretty funny stuff, truth be told, and worth a few plays.”

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